Saturday, August 13, 2011

Morons Inc.

As most people know by now, Willard "Mitt" Romney thinks corporations are people. He has some legal precedence for that view, regardless of how distasteful the notion is to us mortals who also happen to share the appellation. If personhood for immortal business arrangements rankles you a bit, here's a link to challenge the concept.

Romney's fellow Republican notable, Kentucky senator Rand Paul, tweaks the construction just a bit to say that, "people are corporations." The Republican tendency of proffering corporate welfare to large defense contractors will work under the Romney view, in fact making him a veritable 21st century FDR. The Paulian interpretation is a bit more of a problem. If people are corporations, then it follows, the Tea leaves would not favor giving welfare to corporations.

In a society/polity which contemplates and tolerates such nonsense, it would be well to contemplate other deep theoretical issues. At least these fellows below had science and logic on their side.