Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sorry Charlie, Life's a Bitch

Convicted felon, Charlie White, Indiana's Secretary of State, has a friend in Mitch Daniels. To ease some of White's mental burden, le petite chief executive is holding the felon's job open by giving it to a place holder until the justice system's magic might return it to its not-rightful owner.

After all Charlie's life is, by his own admission, "complicated".

Hey Charlie, there are complications,

"White, 42, has said the charges ignored a complicated personal life in which he was trying to raise his 10-year-old son, plan his second marriage and campaign for the statewide office he won that November. He said he stayed at his ex-wife's house when he wasn't on the road campaigning and did not live in the condo until after he remarried."

and there are complications,

10. Due to fiscal pressures, states are already making cuts to the safety net, and more are likely in the next several years.
With the 2009 stimulus package expired and revenues to state governments recovering slowly this year (due to the sluggish
recovery), many states (from Washington and California to Michigan and Florida) are making cuts to unemployment
insurance, temporary cash assistance, Medicaid benefits, and other services for low-income Americans. The fiscal pressureon some states may worsen before it eases. The pressure to restrain federal spending may cause Congress to reduce federal
fiscal relief for the states, which are already struggling to balance budgets in the face of rising Medicaid costs and depressed
revenues. If the federal government places more fiscal pressure on the states, which are required to balance their budgets,
then states are likely to consider additional cuts to cash assistance, Medicaid and other safety-net programs. States may also
be compelled to reduce funding for tax and educational policies that primarily benefit low-income populations. More state
cuts to the safety net should be expected unless the recovery – and the resulting growth rate of state revenues – accelerates

With White's reinstatement, the way may be cleared for the continued disenfranchisement of low-income voters. SEE LINK HERE
That will make Charlie's life less complicated, since his is one of the few verified cases of voter fraud in Indiana.